Hamiltonhill Claypits

WATCH how a piece of waste land in central Glasgow has been transformed into a thriving community nature reserve.

Perched on the Forth and Clyde Canal, Hamiltonhill Claypits sits just a mile north of Glasgow city centre. The site is rooted in history and was once a quarry, benefitting from the access provided by the neighbouring canal. After many years of industry, the site fell into disuse and became derelict.

Thanks to the hard work of local residents, Hamiltonhill Claypits is now a designated Local Nature Reserve (LNR), home to an array of wildlife from deer to bumblebees.

In July 2021, Hamiltonhill Claypits officially opened to the public. After spending years as a derelict patch, local residents joined together to make a change.

The Hamiltonhill Claypits Management Group was formed, allowing local people to input into the future of the site. Working with partner organisations including Scottish Canals and Glasgow City Council, the Management Group secured funding and the Claypits were transformed into an accessible inner-city nature reserve.

The Claypits Management Group is a community group of local people and consists almost entirely of volunteers. They work hard to involve the local community and to protect the array of rich habitats at the Claypits.

Although Hamiltonhill Claypits is the smallest LNR in Glasgow, it is home to a broad range of habitats and wildlife. Meadow, woodland and ponds all sit alongside the freshwater ecosystem of the Canal creating a mosaic of habitats.

Visit the Hamiltonhill Claypits LNR website to find out more.

We’d like to thank the Hamiltonhill Claypits Management Team and volunteers for their involvement with the filming. We’d also like to thank Brian Vass at Vass Media for capturing the Claypits story.

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