The Isle of Eigg

LISTEN to the story of how one community bought an island.

One of the Small Isles off Scotland’s west coast, the Isle of Eigg sits 10 miles from the mainland. With a population of just under 100, the community relies on tourism, agriculture and creative industries.

The island and surrounding waters are home to an array of stunning wildlife. From marine visitors like dolphins, seals and whales through to breeding birds like curlew, hen harriers and skylarks.

Now owned by the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust, the island is managed for both people and wildlife. Alongside the Highland Council, the Scottish Wildlife Trust is a partner of the Heritage Trust and continues to support conservation work on the island. There is also a seasonal ranger on Eigg who runs wildlife walks throughout the summer season.

An Sgùrr, the highest point on the Isle of Eigg with blue skies beyond.
An Sgùrr © Michelle Henley Scottish Wildlife Trust

Visit the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust website to find out more.

We’d like to thank Norah, Maggie and the wonderful community of Eigg for helping create this audio story.

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